We recognize the immense medical challenges in South Sudan that results from lack of civil infrastructure are too great for any single organization to solve. As a result, we have partnered and strive to partner with other organizations with common goals to assist us to deliver sustainable medical services in South Sudan.

Covenant Presbyterian Church

In 2007, two years after the end of the civil war in Sudan Covenant Presbyterian Church, formed in December 5, 1893 as a mission church, sent the first medical mission team to Kajo Keji, South Sudan. The 17 member medical mission team were overwhelmed by the poverty and basic human needs they witnessed, and vowed to work diligently to help the Sudanese. Experiences by this first medical team led to the formation of The Healing Kadi Foundation in 2009 to provide sustainable health care to the people of South Sudan. Covenant Presbyterian Church was the first to support The Healing Kadi Foundation and continues to support Healing Kadi annual medical missions to South Sudan. Covenant Presbyterian Church does not only sacrifice financially, but it also contributes spiritually through prayers.


We are fortunately to have Aqua-Africa as a partner that will drill deep water wells near the pediatric hospital site in Kajo Keji, South Sudan. Aqua-Africa has great experiencing drilling water wells for remote communities in South Sudan. When completed, the wells will supply the hospital and surrounding communities with clean treated water.

WITHOUT WATER, NOTHING CAN GROW. Using access to clean water as foundation, Aqua-Africa pursue a long-term strategy that utilizes key partners in strategic programs to foster aid independent and commercially viable communities.

Turning on a faucet is easy. Fetching water from miles away just to survive is not. Since 2011, Aqua-Africa has drilled 18 water wells in South Sudan serving over 9,000 people, and as a result saved residents thousands of collective hours manually transporting water. In the villages we've touched, those hour are now spent attending school, growing crops, and organizing elections. Our workshop programs lead to healthier, more sustainable communities. We start by providing access to clean water.

If you would like to add your name to the list of Healing Kadi Foundation partners please contact us.

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